EPISODE 4: Are People Really Watching Shows on Amazon Prime?!


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Episode Description:

We begin with a discussion of the things we WOULD have discussed a week ago if we weren’t both sick as hell. Namely, we talk about Hulk Hogan’s use of the n-word, and why white people flock for the moral high ground every time something like this happens. We also discuss the Drake/Meek Mill situation, and pay our respects for Meek’s career.

We also discuss the ground breaking new film Tangerine, a gritty drama/comedy about two transgender prostitutes in Los Angeles. The film was shot entirely on an IPhone, which is astounding given the quality of the final product. We also talk about how Netflix is absolutely killing it with their original programming with shows like Wet Hot American Summer and Bojack Horseman.

Finally, we talk about some of the trailers that we have seen over the last few weeks. These include Black Mass, Attack on Titan, and Beasts of No Nation, among others. We also take a brief moment to acknowledge our mutual hatred for Michael Bay.

Show Notes:

During the Hulk Hogan discussion, Alex said that most people (regardless of race) harbor racist attitudes without realizing it, and that modern psychological evidence backs this up. While this topic is not very lowbrow, it does deserve a link. The test used to measure these “hidden” racist attitudes is called an Implicit-Association Test (IAT). Here is an article describing in greater detail what Alex is referring to.

Here is a trailer for Tangerine, the groundbreaking new film that we suggest you set aside your homophobia and check out this summer.

How Netflix’s Original Programming Is Poised to Outpace the Top Cable Networks, in One Chart

Here is a trailer for the so-far-so-good prequel to Wet Hot American Summer

Here is a promising trailer for Attack on Titan, a promising looking action movie based on an anime and manga that we’ve never heard of (not that that’s saying much).

Beasts of No Nation is an intense looking drama staring Idris Elba (also known as Stringer Bell or Luther). Netflix looks to be swinging for the goddamn fences here.

Well look who decided to take a break from laughably pretentious Tim Burton movies and a tired ass pirate franchise! Say what you will about Johnny Depp (like he’s kind of a douche), the dude can show up every now and then and put together a memorable performance. Black Mass is based on the life of Whitey Bulger, a scumbag and folk hero from the city of Boston.

BoJack Horseman is like Family Guy for smart people. Give it a shot.

13 Hours is a Michael Bay movie staring Jim from the office. This will be the movie your racist uncle will be raving about this holiday season.

Ferrell Takes the Field. Do you like Will Ferrell and baseball? Cool, here you go. Do you sometimes like when Will Ferrell plays a smaller part in a comedy and kinda steals the show, but also not give a shit about baseball? Maybe skip it. It all depends on what you’re into.


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