EPISODE 7: Oh Wait, This Guy is a Social Media Joke Thief!


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Episode Description:

This week, we discussed The Fat Jewish and his apparent joke stealing. The most damning evidence is contained in this artice. Danielle also referred to an interview explaining why David Cross hates him. To his credit, The Fat Jewish did admit that David Cross has good reason to dislike him.

We also discuss the Amy Poelher/R Kelly/ Blue Ivy joke debacle.

We have an extended conversation about Ronda Rousey, her surprising next fight, the bizare Travis Browne rumors, and her vicious verbal dismantling of Floyd Mayweather.

Finally, we talk about some new shows coming up. Some of them (Narcos, final season of the League) we’re excited for, others (looking at you, American Horror Story)…meh.

Plus we take a moment to recognize John Oliver and his impact on the actual justice system.

Show Notes:

John Oliver was cited in a recent court decision, which you can read about here.

Jonathan Snowden, author of MMA Encyclopedia, wrote an article about how Holly Holm may be the kind of opponent that could beat Ronda Rousey (someday far far far from the present day, we all know Ronda is going to slaughter this poor woman).

Here is one of many articles about the Rousey/Travis Browne rumors.

If you’re a bad person and you want to listen to Floyd Mayweather trying to read, you can do so here. You will probably feel a little bit bad about doing so, even if he is a complete scumbag.

You can watch the Banksy fake theme park trailer here.

Here is a trailer for the Netflix original series Narcos, which seems like a totally decent crime thriller.


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