EPISODE 8: Just to Clarify, We’re Not Nazi Fans


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Episode Description:

We review Creep, a found-footage psychological thriller that overcomes the limitations of the genre and is actually pretty good. It starts Pete from the League. Danielle just finished Amy Poelher’s book, and she talks about that as well.

We talk about UFC 191, touching on topics like the forced marketing of Paige Vanzant, Anthony Johnson being a sociopath, the most violent 2 minute fight we’ve ever seen, and the marketability (or lack) of Mighty Mouse Johnson.

Finally, we discuss a string of creepy and potentially weird TV shows and movies coming soon (including Bastard Executioner, another Macbeth, and The Witch).

We are both really excited for Welcome to Leith, but we are not Nazi fans! Let’s make that clear. We just find Nazis to be fascinating.

All that, plus we recognize our good friend Pete Vandall of Chasing Tail!

Show Notes:

Creep Trailer:

Amy Poelher’s book, Yes Please, can be ordered here. It is available in multiple formats on Amazon as well.

Paige VanZant is apparently being compared to Ronda Rousey, The comment section of that article should give you a good indication of how MMA fans actually feel about the ridiculous comparison.

Or you can check out these tweets from a respectable MMA analyst.

You can read about Anthony Johnson’s two-faced outburst on Saturday night here. Then you can read the reason why he’s getting all this bad press here. Don’t forget to read about his history of violence against women here and here.

Mighty Mouse is mad.

The best boxer in the world that you’ve never heard of is Roman Gonzalez.

The Bastard Executioner, Kurt Sutter’s answer to Game of Thrones. We expect a lot of musical montages.

The Lobster looks weird as hell but maybe good?

Macbeth seems legit.

The Witch looks creepy.

Welcome to Leith looks creepy in a completely different way.


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