EPISODE 6: If Hulu is a Joke, Then We’re Not Laughing


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Episode Description:

We began by recognizing Instagram’s The Fat Jewish for his new modeling contract. Danielle made reference to the Fuck Your Beauty Standards movement, and two models named Tess Holliday and Nadia Aboulhosn.

This week, we discuss Hulu’s disaster of a premium streaming service. We offer our opinions, which are based on first-hand experience as cable cutters.

We also discuss Straight Outta Compton, a flawed but entertaining biopic of the World’s Most Dangerous Group. We briefly touch on Dr. Dre’s new album, Compton.

Finally, we talk about a few trailers that we’re excited about this week. These include Trumbo, a true red scare story starring Bryan Cranston, as well as the highly anticipated Hateful Eight trailer. Danielle then hijacks the statement and goes on and on about Leonardo DiCaprio and how great he is. Won’t you join us?

Show Notes:

The Guardian had an article in which Ice Cube fact checked the film Straight Outta Compton. One big revelation from this article is the fact that Pat Charbonnet was excluded from the film entirely.
Charbonnet was Ice Cube’s publicist (who’s name Alex could not remember during the recording of this episode), and played an enormous role in Cube’s career. Her exclusion was consistent with our criticism that this film paid little if no attention to women in general. Our stating this is less a matter of feminist grandstanding and more a matter of distorted story telling. One thing that was left out was the fact that Dr. Dre slammed a female journalists head against a wall, a story left out because it did not fit the film’s hero narrative.

Here is the interview with Ice Cube that Alex was referring to:

We did not get to discuss the Compton album in depth. Pretty much every song link has been shut down, and it seems like Apple has a pretty tight grip on this one. Apple Music is a decent service though, and Compton is worth the 3 month trial at the very least.

If we had more time, we would have mentioned that the album contains the first every collab between Dre and the legendary DJ Premier of Gang Starr. This song, called Animals, is probably the album’s strongest. It features Anderson .Paak, the singer who is arguably the MVP of the album.

Also, Snoop took a break from his weird reggae phase to do One Shot One Kill with underground veteran and Aftermath signee Jon Connor. When Snoop decides to show up, his raw stuff is timeless. This is another one of the album’s strongest tracks.

Kendrick Lamar also takes numerous shots at Drake, who seems more interested in throwing dirt on Meek Mill than he does picking on someone his own size (yeah, Alex wrote that part).

Here is the art house experimental film that the internet told us to like.

Here is the highly promising red scare film starring Bryan Cranston.

Here is an older trailer for a Guillermo del Toro that we finally saw on the big screen this weekend.

Here is the much anticipated Hateful Eight trailer. We’re Tarantino fans and we’re excited.

This week, we found out that Leonardo DiCaprio will be doing a new film with Martin Scorsese. Here is a link to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Here is the story about him snubbing the Kardashians.


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