EPISODE 10: #FreeNickDiaz


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Episode Description:

This week we review Black Mass, a film in which stars Johnny Depp plays notorious Boston gangster Whitey Bulger. We discuss some coming attractions, including the Mr. Show follow-up, the Jungle Book movie, and another Planet of the Apes movie (among other things). We also touch on Drake’s rumored new mixtape, new episodes of the league, what we’re reading right now, and Fedor’s return to MMA.

We also take a moment to recognize Nick Diaz, whose MMA career has been effectively ended following a ridiculous 5 year suspension for marijuana use.

Show Notes:

Danielle just finished Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance, and is now working her way through Jim Gaffigan’s Dad is Fat.

The Drake/Future mixtape is available now.

Here is what we know so far about the return of Fedor.

As for the Nick Diaz business, where to start? Luke Thomas breaks down the situation for MMAFighting. Joe Rogan is pissedRonda Rousey is pissedSome fighters are refusing to fight in NevadaDana White is pussy-footing around.

Here is an excellent article about his upbringing.

Chael Sonnen is selling this shirt. Buy it here.

Black Mass is playing in theaters now.

It looks like the real Whitey Bulger isn’t happy about the movie, and there were probably some creative liberties taken by the film makers. On the other hand, should we really give a shit if Whitey Bulger gets his feelings hurt?

This trailer should have been better than it was.

Hey, look everyone! It’s Bob and David!

Jungle Book remake. Is it a musical? We can’t tell.

Pointless Taken prequel on NBC? Check. Ice Cube as a middle-aged shell of his former self in Christmas Carol reboot? Check. Woody Harrelson doing what he was put on this Earth to do? Check.


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