EPISODE 11: So We’re Going to Keep Calling Caitlyn Jenner Beautiful, Huh?


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Episode Description:

We had the opportunity to see Dave Chapelle perform last weekend, and it seems like he may be back for real (for now). We talk about his set, the South Park “PC” storyline, and briefly wonder at what point does good taste get in the way of good fun.

We review the Austrian (not German, as Alex accidently identifies it) horror film Goodnight Mommy. We also review Sicario, which we can’t really pronounce for some reason.

Finally, we talk about some coming movies we’re excited about (and others we’re not so excited about), focusing largely on the films that were hyped up at Fantastic Fest this year.

Show Notes:
Goodnight Mommy, the hauntingly tragic Austrian horror movie that will make you really uncomfortable without resorting to “torture porn.”
Sicario is a totally decent thriller that is memorable despite it’s somewhat weak character development.
Steve Jobs, the Hollywood version.
Victoria is getting decent reviews. It might be a little gimmicy, but the idea of a single take movie is interesting enough.
Here is the EW article we used as a reference point for the Fantastic Fest discussion. We could not find a trailer for the Charlie Kaufman stop-animation film Anomolisa, so here is the
We have talked about Lobster, Keeping Room, and The Witch in previous episodes. We found it difficult to find trailers for some of the films mentioned in the article. We were able to track down some.
Darling has been compared to Eraserhead. That might be a compliment, depending how your opinion of David Lynch.
Green Room has given us a clip, because they’re too good for trailers apparently. It looks kind of intense though.
Yakuza Apocalypse is a new one from the legendary Takashi Miike.
Belladona of Sadness: see if you can make it all the way through the trailer. We couldn’t.
Bone Tomahawk is getting mixed reviews, but there’s something to be said for a a Western starring Kurt Russell about cannibals.

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