EPISODE 12: DraftKings is Evil (Unless They Want to Sponsor Us)


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Episode Description:

This week, Alex talks about why he pulled his money from DraftKings and FanDuel after finding out that the game is essentially rigged from the outside. We also review The Keeping Room, and indie-Western, as well as the first episode of American Horror Story Hotel. We also discuss a few coming attractions that we’re excited about, primarily Crimson Peak and Beasts of No Nation.

Show Notes:

By far, Deadspin has had the best coverage of the ongoing DraftKings/FanDuel scandal. Read as many of their articles as you can. Everything you need to know can be found there.

Bear it mind the fact that, because DraftKings throws around a ton of money, a lot of people want this scandal to go away. I have read complaints from people on the DFSports subreddit of being silenced on the message boards of major sites like Rotogrinders.

If you understand this risk and still want to keep DFS grinding, read stuff by this guy.

Shout outs to Ruca and Dave and The Highly Recommended Show

The Keeping Room is a totally decent but somewhat gloomy indie-Western.

American Horror Story Hotel…watch this trailer to see what trying almost too hard looks like.

Crimson Peak, at the very least, will look really really cool.

Beasts of No Nation is in the goddamn Oscar race.

Meadowland looks like a good opportunity to see a human being completely unravel for your your very eyes, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Room seems like a heartwarming mindfuck. So who knows?

Will Russian Woodpecker vanish up it’s own ass before it gets the point across, or will it just be really good?

Ed Brubaker said that Westworld was the most ambitious TV project he has ever seen.

Run the Jewels (El-P and Killer Mike) released this new track for the soundtrack to Rubble Kings, a documentary about NYC gang life in the late 1960s to early 1970s.


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