EPISODE 9: We Have Real Microphones in This One


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Episode Description:

This week, Alex explains why you probably will not win millions like those guys in the Draft Kings commercials (because they are sharks who know what they are doing). Danielle is working her way through Aziz Ansari’s book. We discuss the (underrated?) serial killer H.H. Holmes, soon to be the subject of another Martin/Leo collaboration. Finally, we take a look at some coming attractions, like maybe a new George RR Martin book (but probably not).

The sound quality is better in this one for some reason.

Show Notes:

If you’re curious why you’re probably not good enough to win millions at Draft Kings or Fan Duel, read this. If you’re like Alex and you don’t care and want to play anyway, start reading up now. Check out DFS 101. Read up on bankroll management. Read sites like RotoGrinders and RotoWorld on a regular basis. Read everything you can be Jonathan Bales.

Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance is available in hardcover, Kindle, or audio.

Here is the best article I could find on H. H. Holmes, complete with drawings of his multi-floor castle of killing. Pretty twisted stuff.

If you want to read a little bit more about how this movie came about (it took a long time), read this.

Read about the new Michael Moore movie, with a trailer and everything.

The most interesting trailer you’ll see this month is here.

Danielle loves her some Jake Gyl, but this might be a little too heart-warming for her.

Krampus might be ok.

Apparently they’re making a Nicktoons super-movie.

Trainspotting 2 will probably be named that, but it will be a sequel and it’s probably happening.


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