Boston Eats Food Review – Union Square Donuts & All Star Sandwich Bar

One good thing about living in Boston – lots of FOOD options. We take full advantage of this almost every weekend (it partially makes us feel better about the outrageous rent prices). This past weekend, we stuck with an old favorite, Union Square Donuts, and tried something new at All Star Sandwich Bar.

Union Square Donuts

What we ordered: Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch and Hot Apple Cider.

We’ve had this delicious donut before, so we knew it would be good. Anytime we’re remotely close to Union Square, we find a way to make it there and chow down. This particular Saturday, we went a little later in the day (around 1:30 pm). USD closes their flagship store at 3 pm, so the selection was a bit low. However, they still had the Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch donut left, so we made an easy choice and ordered that. We also treated ourselves *Tom Haverford voice* to a Hot Apple Cider, which was expectedly good, but not overly memorable. It’s hard to go up against any of USD’s donuts, so looking back, we’re not too sure the cider had any kind of chance.

As a side note, we’ve also recently tried USD’s seasonal Apple Crisp donut, and fell equally in love with that donut too.

Pros: Amazing donuts. If you have to try only one flavor, try the Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch.

Cons: Price and selection. USD’s prices are high, but we’ve made the choice to go back time and time again, and pay their ridiculous prices. That’s saying something, because we both tend to lean on the “cheap” side. There’s just something about these donuts that make us splurge and spend $3.00 – $3.50 on a single (but goddamn amazing) donut.


All Star Sandwich Bar

What we ordered: Honey Fried Chicken Sandwich 

Side: Apple Sausage Stuffing and Cornbread

Before heading to All Star Sandwich Bar, we did our Yelping and knew we would get, if nothing else, better-than-average sandwiches. We did not expect to drool upon walking in the door, which we may or may not have done…

ASSB had an array of sandwiches which we wanted to try, but we ultimately went with the special of the day, the Honey Fried Chicken Sandwich. The description of this funky beast read “buttermilk fried chicken tenders, clover honey, chipotle pepper jack, pickeled red onions, arugula and herbed mayo on grilled sourdough”. Ummm…yes please. So, we ordered our sandwich and two sides, the Apple Sausage Stuffing and the Cornbread. Our server (very quickly) brought us our meal. Feast your eyes on the image below, which captures the insides of this glorious Honey Fried Chicken Sandwich:

Pros: Amazing sandwich combinations without compromising quality.

Cons: The space itself is a bit small, and they seem to be busy almost all of the time, which comes as no surprise. So, it can be a little tight. They also offer takeout and delivery, so if you’re so inclined, you can just skip the wait for a table and sit down between other hungry Bostonianss if you wish.


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