EPISODE 16: God Hates Your Movie

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Episode Description:

We take a look at some coming attractions, including Preacher, Hateful Eight, and a new Spike Lee Joint. We talk about Hemlock Grove and how Alex stayed up too late this weekend watching MMA. We discuss the first episode of the new Aziz Ansari Netflix show, as well as Amy Schumer’s HBO special. Finally, we review neo-Nazi documentary Welcome to Leith.

Plus, we finally saw a movie trailer bad enough for it to be deemed Trailer Trash!

Show Notes:

Here is the article about the Luther special this Christmas on BBC.

A new Star Wars trailer from another country!

Here is an article about the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo reboot that we weren’t asking for.

A kind of new Hateful Eight trailer

Preacher the series, will it work?

Another preachy Spike Lee movie!

Here is the official site for Welcome to Leith. Check for showtimes there.

Trailer Trash: God is Not Dead 2

A film about the secular war on faith in which the ACLU is the villain. This looks distorted, poorly made, and is the first trailer in a while that made both of us angry. We were seriously mad at this one, and it’s not because we want to take away your faith.


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