EPISODE 17: The vegans are on their way to the complain store

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Episode description:

This week was all about comedy. We talked about some of our favorite live performances that we have been to (like Dave Chapelle and Mr. Show). We discuss Master of None and w/ Bob and David, both streaming on Netflix.

We take a few minutes to talk about some coming movies that might be overshadowed by Star Wars and Hateful Eight.

We also talk about that whole Ronda Rousey thing.

This week, we have experimented by adding background music. Let us know if you like it.


Show notes:

Alex’s article on Ronda Rousey and UFC 193

Our article on our Top 5 Comedy Shows

Spotlight looks like a well made film about exposing child abuse within the Catholic church, possibly an Oscar contender?

Remember how you like the Rocky formula? They did it again, because money. Alex still wants to see it.

Macbeth (which is not Hamlet) looks promising.

The World of Kanako could be interesting, but it could also be a complete waste of time.



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