Lowbrow Links – 12/2/2015

In addition to recording The Lowbrow Podcast, we also like to collect links to some of the various things we’ve found entertaining over the past several days. Consider this your midweek guide to the world of lowbrow entertainment…


Holy shit, a trailer for the new Luther special! If you have never seen Luther, starring Idris Elba as a gritty British detective, get on that. The entire series is available on Netflix now, and you can burn through them relatively quickly (they do that weird British thing where a season is only a few episodes long). It turns out that this Christmas, we will get a two-part Luther special. By we, I mean not us, because the thing is airing on BBC and we’re not quite sure how and when Americans will be able to view it. Still, though…

Remember MST3k? Patton Oswalt will be joining the reboot, apparently as the son of Frank.



Wladimir Klitschko lost his titles this past weekend to the brash and cocky Tyson Fury. While this news may mean nothing to people who don’t care about boxing, it’s a really big deal. In terms of scale, it’s a way bigger deal than Ronda Rousey losing the Holly Holm, given the fact that the Klitschko brothers had a stranglehold over heavyweight boxing for well over a decade. Fury, likable douchebag that he his, accused the Ukrainian of drugging his water. Now he wants the rematch to happen in Wembley Stadium. Think they can’t fill that stadium?

In other sports news, Kobe Bryant is out of fucks to give.

Want to see video of Philadelphia 76ers rookie Jahil Okafor fighting people like an idiot on the streets of Boston?


The National Board of Review (a group of critics, film professionals, students, and other movie people) have released their yearly awards. Mad Max: Fury Road was the surprise best film winner, which was surprising in a “oh wait, critics really liked this one, huh?” kind of way.

The above link has the complete list of winners. Notable winners include Matt and Ridley Scott, both for The Martian, Sly Stallone for Creed, Jennifer Jason Leigh for Hateful Eight, and the film Amy for best documentary.

Speaking of awards, Creed might be an Oscar contender.



Spike Lee: one of the most hit-or-miss directors we’ve ever seen. While he’s made some brilliant, bold, and groundbreaking films like He Got GameDo the Right Thing, and Bamboozled, he’s also responsible for train wrecks like She Hate Me and that Oldboy remake. While he made the timely and heartbreaking documentary When the Levees Broke, he has also subjected us to those sellout Capital One ads. So he’s got a new movie, and here’s an interview that will tell you more.

Speaking of interviews, here’s an interview with Aziz Ansari. He’s turning into a superstar, and rightfully so. He is a funny and talented comedian with a unique voice.



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