Lowbrow Pullist – 12/16/2015

Wednesday is new comics day, so here’s what we’re looking forward to this week!



The Autumnland #8

While most people know Kurt Busiek for Astro City, I was introduced to his writing through his tremendous work with Conan the Barbarian. This series is more sword-and-sorcery, with some really cool looking animal/people drawn by Benjamin Dewey.



Clean Room #3

I have been hearing about writer Gail Simone for a few years now, but have not had a chance to read her work from the beginning yet. Her work on BatgirlSecret Six, and Red Sonja has always gotten really strong reviews, so it is nice to see her doing something of her own creation. So far, I am enjoying her work of horror/mystery.


Descender #8

The whole idea of a dystopian future where men are at odds with the machines is nothing new, but if anyone can pull it off it’s Jeff Lemire (known for his stand out work on Animal Man and his creator-owned Sweet Tooth).  His well-executed story telling is coupled with the unique artwork of Dustin Nguyen making this is one of the year’s strongest new series.


The Goddamned #2

Author Jason Aaron is one of the most consistent writers in all of comics. Whether he is writing Marvel owned superhero work (he’s the guy responsible for the female Thor) or creator-owned comics (he writes Southern Bastards, arguably last year’s best new series), he really seems to get the medium. This book offers readers the perfect chance to jump in from the beginning (just go grab issue one and this one). It is being described as “biblical noir”, telling the story of the Old Testament world before Noah’s flood.


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