EPISODE 22: All Hail the Nightman (and the Earth is not flat)

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Rapper BoB, a successful commercial rap artist, thinks that the Earth is flat. We discussed this because Alex really wanted to.

In our main segment this week, we talk about some of our favorite It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes. With Sunny being in it’s 11th season, we’ve re-watched the recent seasons (roughly season’s 7-10) to gear up for the new episodes. This list might change after the newest season is complete, but below are a handful of episodes we think merit multiple viewings (in no particular order):

Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare (S2)

The Gang Dances Their Asses Of (S3)

The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis (S4)

The Nightman Cometh (S4)

The Gang the Road (S5)

The D.E.N.N.I.S. System (S5)

Mac and Dennis Break Up (S5)

Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats (S6)

Mac Day (S9)

Charlie Work (S10)

In our second segment this week, we discuss some upcoming movies and shows that we’re looking forward to. Here is a list, again in no particular order, of some movies and shows to look out for in the coming months:

Baskets, FX, out now

Horace and Pete, out now (for $5)

The People vs. O.J. Simpson, FX, February 2nd

Hannibal Buress: Comedy Camisado, Netflix, February 5th

Hail Caesar!, in theatres February 5th

Southbound, in theatres February 5th (limited release)

Glassland, in theatres February 12th (limited release)

The Witch, in theatres February 19th

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: The Sword of Destiny, February 26th, Netflix

Finally on this episode, we talk about the latest in MMA.

HERE is an article on the Fox18 fight wins/losses.

Keep an eye out for a Lowbrow article on the best of MMA in 2015 (written by Alex, influenced by Danielle) in the next week or so.


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