UFC 196 Reactions

UFC 196….WOAH!

We usually try and fit everything we want to talk about into one, longish, episode – but this week, we felt we had much more to say on UFC 196 then time allowed, so we made a mini episode for all of our fellow mma-loving followers.

In this mini episode, we don’t talk about the whole UFC 196 card, we focus on the main and co-main events. We actually had a hard time finding a spot to watch this card at our local bars, so we missed some of the earlier fights. That’s what we get for living in Boston and going to see a Conor McGregor fight.

We talk about what we expected going into the fights, what actually took place in the cage, and what we feel the UFC should do next with the four fighters involved in the main and co-main events.

Listen to our UFC 196 reactions here:

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Links from the episode:

Here is the fantastic post-fight interview from Nate where he drops the soon-to-be-famous line…

We still do not know how many pay per view buys the event had, but here is the attendance and gate information. The bottom line is that Conor McGregor puts asses in seats.

Here is the brilliant meme that Jon Jones posted to his Instagram (before deleting), we’re assuming it was designed by a fan.



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