Episode 25: Joe Rogan and David Cross Do Not Appear on This Podcast

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This week is our 25th episode and we go all comedy with it! Well mostly…in the begining of the episode we try out a new into formula where we ask each other what we’re listening to, watching, etc.


To give a sneak peak…Alex talks about a comic series he’s catching up on and how he’s been channeling his inner Josh Barnett by listening to death metal while working out, and as usual, Danielle gushes over Drake.




The real meat and potatoes of this episode is about the comedy albums we enjoy listening to on long car rides. We’re headed to Montreal next weekend, so we’ve been looking for a new album to listen to and got to talking about our all time favorites. Below is a list of our favorite comics to hear from on road trips, and some suggestions for albums to get started with if you find yourself needing to ignore the people you’re riding in a car with.

Patton Oswalt


Albums to look into:

Werewolves and Lollipops, Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time, Feelin’ Kinda Patton

David Cross


Albums to look into:

Shut Up, You Fucking Baby!, Bigger and Blackerer

Bill Hicks


Relentless, Rant in E-Minor

Albums to look into:

Eugene Mirman


Albums to look into:

En Garde, Society!, God Is a Twelve Year Old Boy With Aspergers

Louis CK


Albums to look into:

Live at Madison Square Garden, Hilarious, Chewed Up

We’ve also recently been to two live comedy shows, David Cross and Joe Rogan, and we talk about that in this episode as well. Unsurprisingly, Alex had a favorite show, and Danielle had a different favorite show…hmm…

David Cross: Making America Great Again


Joe Rogan & Tony Hinchcliffe


All this, plus a special shout out to our friends over at the Geek Yogurt Podcast


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