Lowbrow Links – 11/26/2015

So how about that massive Game of Thrones spoiler that HBO dumped on us this week? This is coupled with rumors of said actor being spotted filming battle scenes during the production of the new season, leading many to believe that he was trolling the fans when he said that you know who was dead and not coming back. It also does not seem out of the question to assume that a recently killed character might return from the dead, given that the previous episode featured a giant zombie fight scene. Not to mention that the very beginning of the very first episode featured White Walkers (or the Others if you are a book fan).

So what about Lady Stoneheart?

They released the trailer for Captain America: Civil War. This is an adaptation of a commercially successful (critically mixed) storyline/event from Marvel Comics that pitted Captain America and Iron Man against each other. Yes, that is a gross oversimplification. No, we don’t think we need to elaborate.

Neither one of us are big on the Marvel movies in general as a matter of personal taste, but neither of us hate what Marvel is doing. They are making movies and TV shows that a lot of people really enjoy, so more power to them. We can understand why some people are really excited about this trailer.

A lot of people really like Marvel’s Jessica Jones, now streaming on Netflix. One reviewer called it the darkest, most powerful show that Marvel has ever made. Forbes reviewer Mark Hughes called it the best show on TV. Film School Rejects’ Neil Miller called it fearless. (EW made a list of times the show pulled from the source material, if you’re into that kind of thing).

Neither of us have watched it yet, but it’s on our list. We just caught up on Fargo Season 2, which Deadspin’s Tom Ley argues is the best show on TV. The phrase “best show on TV” may be overused and hard to define in the Netflix era, but Fargo is still a goddamn well made show. Nothing like a well made follow up to wash that True Detective taste out of your mouth.

Sundance 2016 unveiled their Midnight selections. Of note, there is a new Rob Zombie movie called 31, starring Sheri Moon Zombie (of course). The plot has something to do with a group of people kidnapped on Halloween who are forced to run for their lives from a bunch of killer clowns. There is also a new Kevin Smith movie, starring his teenage daughter (who he legit named after Harley Quinn) and Johnny Depp’s kid. Dad’s are so lame.


Want to see some poor idiot slipping on ice for 9 seconds straight? You will probably laugh out loud watching this, and we can guarantee that you will watch it more than once.

Wednesday was Drake Night at the Toronto Raptors game, and featured an Online Bling dancing booth. Fans were also given special OVO shirts, which will probably resell online for way more than the price of a ticket to a Raptors game. It’s good to see Drake’s hometown basketball team supporting him, but it doesn’t explain why he was trying to get into the Miami Heat locker room to congratulate them a few years ago. Regardless, Drake seemed to enjoy himself…

We strive to be an apolitical website and podcast, so this is not an endorsement of any candidate, but did you see Bernie Sanders doing the Run the Jewels hand sign with Killer Mike?

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 8.19.50 AM.png

David Bowie said his new album was inspired by Death Grips and Kendrick Lamar. That is high praise for the young acts, and potentially terrifying news about what a new David Bowie album might sound like.

Wu Tang Clan finally sold that secret album we keep hearing about, for some ungodly amount of money. Sometimes we need to acknowledge that people love Wu Tang mostly because of the music they made over 20 years ago, and that slapping your fans in the face with obscene vanity projects is not going to win you any new supporters. Is there any possible way the music on this album is good enough to justify the cost?

Then again, Alex was just throwing his money at Ghostface and Raekwon when they came to Boston, so maybe they know what they’re doing after all.

In addition to being a director, Quentin Tarantino is also an advocate for cinema. His new film, Hateful Eight, will be released in glorious 70mm format. Want to know why that is a good thing? Here is a video.

We will be on vacation through this weekend, but will be back next week with some brand new content. We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving (or day off work hopefully or whatever it is you celebrate).


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